Gorgeous hanging ceramic planters put a whole new spin on pot plants..

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on some really cool ceramic hanging planters.. Some are currently available to purchase via my online store.. Some are yet to be released.. Some haven’t been unpacked from their boxes.. And some, well, some, I will just have to keep.. :)) Anyway, the point is, I am hooked on ceramic hanging planters.. I am in love with them, they are space saving, which is big for me.. The look amazing and with a beautiful ceropegia woodii wrapped around the hanging rope, they can become quite an art form.. The downside is, the more shallow hangers are difficult to water and really need to be taken down once a week and sat on your kitchen sink to water effectively. You may need to relocate your hanging babies throughout the different seasons of the year, heat from heaters will rise high in your home during winter, creating dry hot air that your babies won’t like so much.. Overall, trailing plants in ceramic planters are relatively easy care and high on my favourites list.. I will be extending my range to suit all kinds of decor, so hopefully you will find yourself a groovy new ceramic hanger to add to your collection.. Thanks for reading.. I would like to be a better blogger.. I will try harder.. Smile always.. Liv .x. 

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