Due to the nature of my products I do not offer returns, exchanges or refunds. I do, guarantee my products 100%. I use high quality plants and growing medium. I have five years experience growing, maintaining and cultivating terrariums, plants and succulents. All my products are healthy and established and leave for their new homes in A1 condition with care instructions and support.   I offer a terrarium maintenance service should your terrarium ever require a little extra love.

Terrariums do require a quality amount of tender loving care. You need to prune and love your terrarium. It is natural for leaves to discolour, fall off or die. All plants lose leaves and grow new ones. Providing your terrarium has the correct living conditions plants will continue to regenerate. More than one or two leaves dying means your terrarium does not have the correct elements in place and you need to assess its environment and living conditions. Beware of direct sunlight shining on your terrarium, direct sunlight will cause your terrarium to turn green.

If your terrarium is not as expected when received, has been damaged in transit or if it dies within 7 days of purchase, please contact me immediately.  I will advise if this is an issue that can be rectified by yourself or if your product needs to be returned for maintenance, be replaced or be refunded.

​My products are fragile and can break if not handled correctly. The Italian Demijohn series of terrariums need to be handled with exceptional care. You must never lift your Italian Demijohn Terrarium by the neck, you must always lift with your hands underneath. Never tilt your Italian Demijohn Terrarium to the side to see if there is moisture in the rocks underneath, you must lift it high to see this. And always use extreme care when placing your Italian Demijohn onto hard surfaces. Your Italian Demijohn Terrarium contains a lot of weight, meaning a lot of pressure inside, if your terrarium is banged or bumped by anything, or onto anything it is possible that it may break. Children love to look inside terrariums but never let them bang on your Italian Demijohn Terrarium. Unfortunately, I can not return, exchange or refund damaged or broken terrariums.

My Italian Demijohn Terrarium series and some other glassware products may contain small and sometimes larger imperfections. Unfortunately, this is the way they are received at Tassie Terrariums. The Italian Demijohns encounter many hands on their journey from Italy to Tasmania and sometimes, do get scratched and marked. Any imperfections can only add to the uniqueness of your very own piece of Tasmania living inside Italy. In cases, where I believe the glassware is extremely damaged and at my own discretion I will offer a discount for the product. I do not offer returns, exchanges or refunds for scratches or imperfections on demijohns or any glassware so please choose your product carefully.

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