Lithops 'Living Stone'


Very slow growing succulent. Individual plants grow to 3cm across in 3 to 5 years. Plant in sandy open potting mix only. Outdoors in pots under cover. Indoors in full sun only. Must be kept dry and sunny. Water every 1 to 2 months in warmer months only. Do not water in winter. 4 to 5cm white or yellow flowers appear in autumn. After 4 years plants will divide but cannot be separated. If in doubt do not water, can be killed very easily if kept wet.

Curly Lipstick Plant

Lipstick plants are an old favourite as an indoor plant being able to do well in any good well lit room or under artificial light. They also do well in planters and open terrariums as a creeper or cascading plant. Flowers are produce at random times of the year and plants can produce buds every 2 to 3 months and create a spectacular flowering plant, flowers may not occur if light levels are too low.

Lipstick Plants require a good healthy quality potting mix. In cold and wet climates bring plants indoor in winter and keep plant dry or provide a very well drained potting media. Plants can be cut back as often as the grower likes to keep compact.

Water well if kept in pots but sparingly in terrariums, potting mix must be allowed to almost dry between waterings. Keep in some direct sunlight or provide artificial light. Avoid heaters and drafty positions. Fertiliser should be only used if you would like the plant to grow. Lack of fertiliser will keep plants shorter and more compact. Temperatures above 20c will speed up growth, between 15 and 20c growth will be extremely slow and plants can be pruned to keep compact. Periods below 12c may cause leaves to rot; dead leaves must be removed to prevent damage to healthy growth or the base. Keep warm and on the dry side in winter.

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