Jade Plant 'Variegated Dwarf'

Jade Plants are hugely popular as garden plants, in pots and also as bonsai. This variegated form of P. afra tends to creep rather than grow upright and does not for a thick truck. Plants are slow growing and will live many years eventually forming a thick carpet up to 50cm high. Jade plants can be cut back almost to the ground or shaped to create bonsai-like plants. Extremely hardy.

Position - full sun or partial shade. Great in gardens, rockeries or pots. Indoors in well-lit positions otherwise the will grow thin and weak. Hail and severe frosts will damage new growth but they will recover well. This variegated form will also grow well is baskets.

Watering - can be watered all year round and grow fastest in the warmer months. Plants will survive without water for very long periods.

Feedings - 25% of recommended dosage monthly in growing period. The less fertiliser the better shape of the plant. Fertilisers high in nitrogen can produce larger plants with less colour.

Repotting - can be left to overgrow their pots or repotted in the warmer months in almost any well drained potting mix.

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