Aloe 'Pink Blush'..

This attractive hybrid has been bred for its amazing leaf structure, colours and spine patterns. Over the past 20 years many new and exciting cultivars have been developed for the collector 💕..

Are terrariums hard to care for?

People ask all the time are terrariums hard to care for?.. No, they are not.. Truthfully I am not a very responsible plant owner, I have killed many a plant because I forgot to water it... This is how my love for terrariums began, I could have plants, that 1. Watered themselves; 2. The kids couldn't pick the leaves  and 3. The cats couldn't dig up..!!! As an example this Terrarium in the middle of winter, 7 months old, never watered and thriving... And how awesome are these fittonia dwarfs 💕..

Winter time at Tassie Terrariums

Winter time at Tassie Terrariums is a quiet time. Stock is low and no new stock is introduced until the Spring time, when the weather begins

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